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Connect Your Whole Family with a Wireless Router!

Your Xplornet wireless router can provide a seamless wireless Internet connection for multiple devices on your network all at the same time.

A great wireless network

Enjoy great coverage and high performance wireless connectivity within your home. Our Xplornet wireless router has been specifically tested to ensure optimal performance with our network.

Easy to set up

It only takes a few minutes to set up your Xplornet wireless router. Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to manage than ever before.

Connect multiple devices

You can connect multiple devices and keep them connected, all at the same time. All you need is the Wi-Fi network name and password.

A photo of a man, discouraged with his slow internet connection.

Upgrade Your Old Router

Different routers have different specs and capabilities and based on constant innovation, your current router may be obsolete which could negatively affect your in-home Internet speed. Old routers are a source of poor connection quality and can lead to a disappointing Internet experience. Upgrade to an Xplornet router today and enjoy an improved home network with the ability to manage your Wi-Fi network over the phone with our customer support team. Your new, advanced router from Xplornet is designed to work with the Xplornet network and offers a variety of features including better bandwidth speeds and range.

A person using a laptop in their yard.

Maintain Your Network Performance

After a long period of use, your computer’s operating system can develop communication issues with its internal software and hardware and slow down. Modems and routers both run software that functions similarly to a computer’s. To ensure that the modem and router are operating optimally, a semi-regular reboot is a good idea.

All the Features Your Family Needs

Dual Band

Broadcasting on two wireless frequencies for better coverage and increased performance.

USB ports

Connect a drive to the router and access its files from any network device.

Protect your family

Web-blocking and time restriction abilities to keep your kids safe.

Wi-Fi protected setup

Instantly connect pre-authorized devices without having to enter a password.

More reliable Wi-Fi

An external router antenna improves network range and signal.

Plug and play

Devices on the network can communicate with each other to share files or print a document.

24/7 support

Phone or email access to our customer support staff is available 24/7/365.

No expensive upfront hardware purchases

A router from Xplornet costs as little as $6/month.

Reach out to us to connect your entire family with an Xplornet wireless router by calling 1-877-504-0309 today!