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  • Terms of Use
    The terms that govern the use of Xplornet Internet services, including using the service and availability of the services.
  • Xplornet Privacy Policy
    Our Privacy Policy – our commitment to privacy, why we collect personal information from our customers and how we use it.
  • Xplornet Traffic Management Policies
    Learn more about our Traffic Management Policies and our goal to ensure that each Xplornet customer receives fair and consistent access to the Internet.
  • Xplornet Internet Use Policy
    The Internet Use Policy helps you understand what the acceptable uses of Xplornet Internet Services are.
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
    Our 30-day money-back guarantee for new Xplornet Internet service customers.
  • Service & Warranty
    Our installation and equipment warranties.
  • Basic & Enhanced Installation
    Read about Basic Installations and an Enhanced Installations on both our satellite and fixed-wireless services, including what’s involved and included in each type of installation.
  • Website Terms and Conditions of Use
    Terms and conditions of use for
  • Xplornet E911 Terms and Limitation of Liability
    The Xplornet’s Emergency 9-1-1 service details, including the differences between traditional telephone service and VoIP telephone service and the lack of traditional 9-1-1 emergency services.
  • Inactive Email Account Policy
    Xplornet may periodically delete customer email accounts that have not been accessed by the customer over a period of 12 months.
  • Internet Code of Conduct
    Learn more about the CRTC’s Internet Code of Conduct

Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services (CCTS) – See details concerning complaints and the CCTS.